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8:42pm 10-06-2011
Nurul Karimah
It is a wonderful day today, don't you think? I love the concert that the teachers dance for us. I want to thank the teachers who did a very well done. Good Job Teachers
9:25am 10-05-2011
Nur Rasheedah
this year i am in 6 love!!!!!!! i am in Mr Zad's class
7:04pm 09-02-2011
Qatrunnada Tursyina
I wanted to join the alumni but wonder how
2:11am 06-30-2011
Hi , i used to go to Telok Kurau West School from 1971-1977 , known to most as patimutu , i wonder if i would be able to connect with my old classmates

(Facebook - Patimutu Jorah Bee)
Class 1-6
2:58pm 05-20-2011
James Yong
hey guys. good times at TKPS back in 1990s. thanks to the school, am working as a mobile apps developer now.
3:38pm 05-18-2011
James Yong
Ex-student here. Proud of of this school.

mobile apps developer
1:19am 03-31-2011
Sumitro Wiryo
Hey i used to go to TKPS in 1992, i wonder how i can reconnect with old classmates? does anyone know?
12:57am 01-28-2011
Hi! Was browsing through your school website and did not see list of CCAs around. Very impressive page on school staff, unique that quotes were included.
7:16pm 01-12-2011
Irsyad Abu Bakar
I love 6 Hope 2010! And did Ms Liana quit?
9:37pm 01-10-2011
nyimas fasya ayuni
haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mrs loy haha sorry i wanted to talk about this i want you to be an angel every day ok?
9:32pm 01-10-2011
nyimas fasya
helo and good afternoon mrs loy i was happy to see you in class
9:26pm 01-10-2011
nyimas fasya
hai mrs loy i'm glad that you work hard since you are the best pri 1 and pri 2 best teacher i wanted you to be my primary 3,5,6 teacher because you come to school you always look good s
so i keep that in my heart when i am in class.

to mrs loy
from fasya
2:12am 12-08-2010
Trie Noviyani
And I really wanna go back to primary school days. Graduated in 2002, from 6A, I would appreciate teachers who can still remember me as the curly hair girl(transferred from BTPS) to get in touch with me. I love you teachers in TKPS. I really miss you guys! To refresh your memories, refer below;
Class 1A (BTPS 1997)
Class 2A (BTPS 1998)
Class 3A (BTPS 1999)
Class 4A (BTPS 2000)
Class 5A (TKPS 2001)
Class 6A (TKPS 2002)
And I love playing badminton, if Mr Darren & Mr Zad can recall. I would really appreciate teachers to get a hold of me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you..
12:14pm 11-15-2010
amran bin ghani
hi guys amran here now at Australia!

i study 7 years in telok kurau primary school 1981 -1987 and i was 8 M was my last class.
anyone who know me pls email me at

do u know where is A. Nathan now she was the vice principle my time and what about cikgu ahmad the physical teacher.

wish i can find all the teacher and classmate during my time.

hope to hear from u soon
10:28pm 08-14-2010
Nootintan bte mansor
hi... I'm from the class of 1980-1986 (P6M) i hope i we see u all?
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